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xxdrwhovianxx asked: The pairing thingy please? Sabriel, punk!gabe, high school au.



Sam likes carding his fingers through Gabriel’s blue-tinted hair, feeling the cool metal of Gabe’s lip piercing slowly warm up as they kiss till their mouths are swollen and they’re gasping for breath, and he’s pretty sure there’s nothing sexier than being regarded almost predatorily by a pair of dark, liner-ringed golden eyes—but what Sam loves most of all is Gabriel’s tattoos. 

He’s practically addicted tracing the stark, flowing lines with his fingertips and tongue; pretending that each of the kisses he presses to the intricate images is what causes colour to bloom like ink in water across Gabriel’s skin. 

(And, okay, yeah, maybe Sam has a bit of a kink for sharp-witted punk boys with cheeky smiles and a talent for kissing his breath away—but hey, who can blame him?)

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At first, everything was incredibly awkward between them. Gabriel would appear with Sam’s favorite food or Sam would make sure there was room for Gabriel in the backseat of the Impala, then Dean would look at them, laugh, and Gabriel would disappear for days. Or Sam would bury himself in…

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Gabriel loves creation. That’s why he’s so enamored with the alternate realities he fabricates, and sure the Winchesters have only seen his devious side, but he also seeks out people who are kind and compassionate and weave in extra hours of sleep or a seemingly random free meal at a small diner.


sam and gabriel getting hit by some messed up spell and they switch body types and sam keeps on reaching for things but missing because he’s used to his long arms and gabriel tripping over himself because he has so much more of himself all of a sudden. and when they try and kiss they just end up hitting their heads together


I didn’t even gay ship until I saw the love in Sam Winchester’s eyes when he first met Gabriel.

Anonymous asked: Yeah but think about Sam and Gabriel's wedding day. Like Gabriel would have this huge vow planned that included him being all cocky and confident and mentioning things to make Sam blush, but instead he would end up a stuttering nervous mess. I'm probably annoying you by now, it's just nervous and insecure Gabriel is my jam. >.<





And now here’s a fluffy Sabriel ficlet. :D

   Sam stared at the racks and shelves of candy at the nearby convenience store. Gabriel, his primadonna, hypochondriac of a boyfriend was currently laying in their bed, convinced he was dying from the flu. Thus, Sam had been sent out to aquire candy, which was bound to miraculously make him feel better. The problem he currently faced though, was what to buy him.

   Ugh. He was taking way too long. Sam quickly gathered up several different kinds, mostly sugar free, hoping that Gabe wouldn’t notice. He didn’t want to mention it, but his boyfriend’s middle was getting a little pudgy, and all the sweets he ate wasn’t helping. The cashier’s eyes widened as Sam set an armful of candy down on the counter.

   ”Sweet tooth?” He asked and he rang up the various candies and scooped them into a bag.

   ”Somthing like that,” Sam replied, handing over a $20 bill. “Keep the change.” He grabbed the bag and left, knowing he would be facing a very grumpy Gabriel when he got home.

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It wasn’t as though he did it every time, right? It wasn’t that creepy, was it? This is what Sam Winchester asked himself as he sat outside the bathroom door, listening to Gabriel sang to himself in the shower. It wasn’t like he could really ignore it even if he wanted to; the angel was a loud singer and it could be heard through the entire bunker if you were paying enough attention. 

Besides that, it was the only time that Sam could hear him sing. For a centuries old being, Gabriel was surprisingly shy about letting himself be heard singing, or doing anything, really, that could potentially make Sam fall more in love with him. It was rumored by Castiel that Gabe was especially skilled in linguistics, and could speak multitude of languages, play a number of instruments, and could dance anything from a waltz to a samba with no problem. Sam, personally, had never seen or heard any of this himself, but he trusted Cas enough to believe him. 

"Every now and then when the world that we’re livin’ in’s crazy, you gladly hold me, and carry me through. No one in the world’s ever done what you do for me, and I’d be sad and lonely if there were no yooooooooooooouuuu…." Gabriel sang, and Sam had to bite down on the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing. He noticed, with great amusement, that a bit of a southern accent came out when Gabriel sang, and Sam loved it. 

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Dude look at all these aus I came up with at like 2:18 →


• Alcoholics Anonymous au
• Youth group au
• Bible camp au (bonus points if it’s gay)
• Parent-teacher conference au
• “We both have to serve detention” au
• “We both got into a fight and now we’re waiting at the principal’s office” au
• Rehab au
• “I need your help catching a goose that I…

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